Current Funding

Our goal is to enroll 2,000 mother-infant pairs (MIPs) over the course of this multi-year study. This sample size will increase the statistical power of our research.

The Heartland Study will require at least six years to enroll 2,000 mother-infant pairs and track the  health and development of newborn babies through at least age 3. 

Our current, estimated budget through 2025 is $19.5 million. 

We have received to date over $2 million in funding, and are confident our anchor funders will provide another $4.5 million through 2025. The Franciscan Health Foundation serves as the Heartland Study’s fiscal agent. 

The good news is we are nearly one-third of the way toward full funding for the Heartland Study!

We deeply appreciate the support of all the current and ongoing Heartland Study funders listed below.

But we have a long road ahead. Your support is needed so that our science team can do its job, and generate solid, credible answers to the core question that brought us together, and gave birth to the Heartland Study.  Please click here to donate!





Rachel Benbrook
Melinda Bishop
Nana Chancellor
Robert Daniel
Timothy Dickson
Jeri Di Pietro
Zann Erick
Nina Frank
Frick Family Fund
Debbie Friedman
Kat Gilje
Loren Gordon
Alan Greene
Amy Kacher
Jerry Kristal
Denny Lange
Amy Lockwood
Barry Loshin
Annie McGeady
Michael McLaughlin
Madeline Mellinger
Mark Moulton
Jennifer Murphy Parker
Michelle Perro
Missy Reller
Sara Rowan
Kelly Ryerson
Marcia Saunders
Oona Squire
Bill Washauer
Greg Williamson



Laurie Arons
Michael Baum
Chuck Benbrook
Kathy Feldman
Robert Kennedy, Jr.
Michael Klein
Robin McCall
Lene Pederson
Paul Scheifer
Mark Squire


Sharon Schendel


Tammy Burton
Ceres Trust
Tracy Hadad

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