Paul Esker and Richard Proost, “What’s on your seed?,” University of Wisconsin Extension, 2020, Date accessed: 4/16/2020.


Seed treatments have been used for a number of years, mostly for protection against seedling diseases. However, there are a number of new seed treatments marketed for protection against a range of pests—including seedling diseases,
insects and nematodes—and even improving plant health.

The purpose of this publication is to take some of the confusion of seed treatments away, giving you a better understanding of what is on your seed. The list covers seed treatments registered in the state of Wisconsin for use on corn and/or soybean seed. The seed treatments are grouped by the number of active ingredients (1-4), treatment type (fungicide, insecticide, nematicide or plant growth regulator) and then alphabetically by the product trade name. The list is not based on efficacy of the seed treatments and is not an endorsement or criticism of one product over another.  FULL TEXT